Event ID 9215 What can I do ?

Event ID 9215 What can I do ?

Post by Maxim Sukhare » Tue, 06 Nov 2001 16:21:21


My event viewer on Exchange 5.5 server is full with Event ID 9215. Text of
this message is

A sockets error 0 on a connect() call was detected. The MTA will attempt to
recover the sockets connection. Control block index: 5. [BASE IL TCP/IP DRVR
8 262] (12)

Sometimes in Event Viewer appears message 4284  "A error occurred during
connection/disconnection. Error code: 8511 [0 POP4 POP4 DOWN 6] (14)"

But everything is working normaly and I couldn't find what to do in TechNet.

Thanks beforehand