Exchange 5.5. and Exchange 2000 coexistance

Exchange 5.5. and Exchange 2000 coexistance

Post by sal » Tue, 05 Mar 2002 23:21:22

I need a questioned answered in regard to Exchange 5.5
coexisting with Exchange 2000 server if possible. I have
an 1 existing NT 4.0 PDC runnning Exchange 5.5. I want no
disruptions to the current Exchange 5.5 system and would
like to add an Windows 2000 server with AD running
Exchange 2000 in a new Domain. Both system need to co-
exist while I run test on the Windows/Exchange 2000
system. The smtp format information will not change. I
will be migrating mailboxes a few at a time to the new
Windows 2000/Exchange server and have the Exchange 5.5
user continue getting mail and any migrated users on the
Windows 2000/Exchange system also get mail using same mx
record. Can you please point me to the resource for an
answer or can you tell me the best procedure in getting
this done if it is possible. Any information is much
appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi all,

Can anybody direct me to a good third party utility (non Microsof) that
could help me with synchronizing Public Folders on an Exchange 2000 server
with an Exchange 5.5 server?


Chris Henderson


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