OWA behind firewall

OWA behind firewall

Post by abed » Wed, 02 Jul 2003 16:25:05

need help for OWA behind pix firewall .

i have exchange 2000 server with outlook web access
enabled on it and it working fine .

but whenever i  install the pix fire wall  i cant use OWA
its no more available ,its showing opening page and no
prompt for Athentication .



1. Owa behind firewall

Installed f/e & be exchange 2000 server and configured
owa.and it works fine but after putting the front end
server behind the firewall on the DMZ port i cannot get
the authentication from outside ..i get a promt for user
name and domain name but i cannot log on to the mail box.
I have open the ports on the firewall and change the
registry settings suggested from microsoft article still
it doesnt work need help!

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