Page cannot be displayed when attaching file

Page cannot be displayed when attaching file

Post by Paul » Sun, 29 Jun 2003 00:06:46

We use a certificate for our OWA.
When attempting to attach a file, the message
'page cannot be displayed' will appear. It doesn't happen
all the time but so now and then. When I restart the IIS
then it all goes well, but later the problem returns.

If I remove the secure connection over port 443 then it
works great.

It's a new installation of Exchange2K.
I've update it with the latest patches.
Use IE 6. Internet connection is ADSL.
The Exchange server also runs DNS.

I hope someone has an idea what it can be.
(cause by boss was very pissed when it didn't work)



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I have 2 W2K servers. One with Exchange 2K and IIS and the
other with ISA. I have struggled and fought with ISA and
OWA for about a week now and have got to the point where I
can publish my default web site on port 85 of my cable
modem no worries.
But when I put in

it loads the frames up for OWA and then gives the old "The
page cannot be displayed" in both the left and right
frames. This is for all users. I have all my destination
sites and rules set at ip addresses instead of FQDN and I
can get to my default web page so I didnt think it could
be a DNS issue?

I have seen a number of users complaining of the same
issue. Is it an "undocumented feature" as Microsoft like
to call their bugs or can it be fixed?

BTW OWA works just fine on the intranet.

Thanks in advance.

John Carnell

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