Delivery options-delay send not working

Delivery options-delay send not working

Post by Pam » Wed, 11 Dec 2002 06:34:05

I am having a problem where if someone uses the delivery
options in outlook 2002 to delay sending an email for a
specified period the email sits in the outbox and is not
sent at the appropriate time.  It is given a message i.d.,
yet exchange does not pick it up and send it.  Anyone else
had this problem?

1. Delay Mail send option in Outlook has incorrect timestamp on delivery

When a user creates an email with Outlook 2000 (no other
clients used) and sets the option to not send before
(sometime in the future) - when the email is delivered, it
shows the time that the email was created in the recieved
field, not the time it arrived.
I have been told by Microsoft Free online support that
this is an error with Exchange SP-2.
I am wondering if anyone else has had this same problem,
and has come to a resolution with it. If so, please place
the comment here and cc: to my email address above.

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