OWA-logon required before logon screen appears

OWA-logon required before logon screen appears

Post by Terily » Thu, 05 Oct 2000 04:00:00


Somehow, in taking care of the "Your password is about to expire in 0 days"
error, OWA is now requiring users to provide logon credentials BEFORE the
logon.asp appears, which pretty much defeats the purpose of annonymous access to
public folders.  To fix the password expiring problem, I changed the password for
IUSR_machinename in all of its' locations, as per Q236909, which did get rid of
the problem, only to give me this new one.  

Any ideas on what might be causing this and how I might fix it will be greatly




1. OWA logon error. Cannot open OWA logon webpage

I am trying to setup OWA. We have Winnt 4.0 on our Server with Service
Pack 6 and running Exhchange 5.5 and Proxy 2.0. Inside our office I can
opening the exchange website no problem and see all my mail, but when
trying to access the logon page from outside the office we get this
error "The Server returned an invalid or unreconized response" If
anyone can help me fix this problem, I would be very grateful

Leanne Ryan

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