OLE automation error using SchedulePlus 7.0

OLE automation error using SchedulePlus 7.0

Post by Matthew Bel » Thu, 15 May 1997 04:00:00

Sander, please correct the date on your computer.  It's about a month
ahead, and that forces you to the top of a date-sorted list in the
newsgroup until the actual date catches up....

Quote:> Dear Sir or Miss,

> We have an application for Welfare in the Netherlands. In this
> appliaction we are trying to integrate with Schedule+ 7.0. In all
> documentation we can find they are referring to integrated solutions wich
> won't work on our system. We constantly get the message 'Cant create
> Schedule+ object'. There must be something we don't know and which isn't
> described in the documentation. We also searched in our MSDN
> CD's but couldn't find the answer to our problem. The following software
> we use to build the Integrated Solution.

> Visual Basic 4.0
> Echange client
> Schedule+  7.0
> Windows 95

> There is an postoffice created for a workgroup. And the SP7EN32.olb is
> available on the system and dates from 4/12/96. In our VB 4.0 project we
> assigned this object library to the project.

> Note. All the examples we use also run into the same problem.
> Using examples from MSDN and splusdk.hlp.

> We link to the Schedule+ database using:
>   Set objApp = CreateObject("SchedulePlus.Application")
>   objApp.Logon

> So far so good, but then next two statements we tried just don't work:

> Set ObjSchForFile = ObjApplication.ScheduleForFile ("c:\tmp\Jonh.scd")

> 'And'

> Set ObjSession = CreateObject("MAPI.Session")
>         ObjSession.Logon

> Result is an OLE-Automation error:

>         'Runtime error, 2147219420[80040824]':
>          OLE Automation error

> We are desperatle seeking for a solution, (=:

> With kind regards,
> Sander de Graaf (The Netherlands)
> Xaverius Behnen


1. OLE automation error using SchedulePlus 7.0

It may be just a typo, but according to your example:

Your line:

Should be:

Also,  the following code:

is Active Messaging code.  You probably do not have Active Messaging
installed on your WS as it did not come with Exchange 4.0.  The new clients
for Exchange 5.0 now install Active Messaging 1.1, or you can find Active
Messaging 1.1 on the Microsoft Appfarm.  Not sure how well Active Messaging
runs against an Exchange 4.0 server, but it should be OK.

Don Adams

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