! Cannot Find Phone Book Entry

! Cannot Find Phone Book Entry

Post by Greg I. Haye » Fri, 06 Dec 1996 04:00:00

When ever I try to send or recieve mail using Windows Messaging,  I recieve
an Error Message that states:  ! Cannot Find Phone Book Entry.     I still
recieve new mail, but any items in my out box are not sent. Any Ideas?


1. Win 2000 server - RAS phone book entry not found (Internet mail service)

I have installed Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 server (with Service pack 3)
on a Windows 2000 server machine. When I try to add Internet Mail Service in
Microsoft Exchange Administrator, it says "RAS phone book entry not found
Please create a phone book entry first". and then I can not install Internet
Mail Service
Although I have four different dial-up connections in dialup networking (for
different ISPs). These connections work fine to dial into the ISP's server.
From these connection I can access INTERNET. Can anyone help with this
problem? How can I create a RAS phone book entry. Is't different from a
dialup connection?
Thanks for your help.

T Malik

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