Rehomed Public Folders/Rules No Longer Work

Rehomed Public Folders/Rules No Longer Work

Post by Rob » Fri, 24 Jan 2003 09:40:01

I have an Exchange 5.5 server that contained all my public
folders. We are migrating to Exchange 2000. I have
replicated all the folders to the Exchange 2000 server. I
waited a few days to make sure all the data was
replicated. I have rehomed all my folders to the Exchange
2000 server since I will eventually remove the Exchange
5.5 server. The rules were working for all my folders up
until yesterday. I have a folder called Logs sub-folders A
thru P. I have rules set on Logs that anytime an email is
sent to Logs with A (thru P) in the subject line it
forwards to the A subfolder. However, since I have rehomed
all my folders these rules are not working. The emails
just sit in the Logs folder. I tried removing a rule (like
A) and recreated it but it still doesn't work. I can set a
rule on Logs to forward a copy to me and that works fine.
Just not with the public folders. I know it has something
to do with me rehoming them. Any suggestions?



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According to KB-article 307917 I wanted a new ExchangeServer to be our main
I set up a new Exchange 2k-preSp4 on W2kpre-Sp4 Server made him to a
AD-member server a.s.o.
I can move users from one site to the new one but according to the
KB-article 288150 iI checked if rehoming the public folders would work.
For the first view, everything is fine, replication status is "In Sync" but
a moved user cannot see any of the public folders from the old server
neither in Outlook nor in OWA. BUT: A created folder on the new server is
visible on the old server after synchronizing!
I tried to synchronize manually, everything means "OK" but nothing helped.
I cannot believe in this behaviour to be "by design" and now Im unsure to
really remove the old server....

Any good idea?

THNX - Sascha

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