OWA 2000: Link inside accepted meeting request not shown as link

OWA 2000: Link inside accepted meeting request not shown as link

Post by Andrei Scheibne » Mon, 07 Jul 2003 07:08:49

I have Exchange Server 2000 SP3 under Windows 2000 Server.
A link in an appointment in the calendar under OWA isnt
shown as link, so you cant click on it. It is shown
correctly in Outlook, and it was also shown correctly in the
reveived meeting request. Does anyone know how why this

Thanks in advance

Name:     Andrei Scheibner
Homepage: http://www.buffalo-as.de



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Currently, when a client, using OWA (outside our firewall)
is sent a meeting request the link sent to them won't
allow them to accept or decline the request.  This is
because the link shows as "http://<server
Inside the firewall this works (because <server name>
resolves correctly) - this is obviously a DNS issue I just
don't know how to set it so the link shows the full dns
name (server name.domain.com).

My question is - where is this information set on the
Exchange Server so that I can configure the links to
read "https://<server
Is it in the IIS or Exchange Manager???
Thanks in advance.

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