address views

address views

Post by Howar » Thu, 26 Sep 2002 00:15:00

My users would like their address book to sort by last
name. This worked in Outlook 2000 Internet mail only.
After migrating to exchange 5.5 on windows 2000 server I
have not been able to offer this. I have tried setting up
an address view in exchange but keep getting an access
violation error. This is odd considering I am the
administrator. Any ideas?

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can someone explain to me how I can get an address book view to be dispalyed
on OWA. Does the address book view show up in all the users contacts folder
when configured or in the public folders? Either way I cant seem to get the
address book view to show up in OWA. They appear just fine in the Exchange
Administration Manager. I can search for names and they will be listed but I
cannot get the whole address view to display. Also is there any way for
users to import their desktop Outlook data to their OWA folders?

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