problem client side - distribution list/contact list modification

problem client side - distribution list/contact list modification

Post by karthik » Mon, 06 Nov 2000 04:00:00

    Facing a problem ,as the user should log into the corporate account in
Outlook 2000 by placing the
user : <<username>>
domain: <<domain name>>
password : <<password>>

     in Exchange server 5.5 NT 4.0 PDC.

       Clients where not able to modify their contact details such as
firstname,lastname,address  etc.

    any rights can be given so that the contact book can be modified by the
Owner/particualr client and able to form distribution list among the clients
and to be replicated in the server, where the contact list to be updated
automatically & immediately in the server



1. programmatic modification of members of a distribution list (DL) on the global address list (GAL)



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