Help!!! Dial up window come out....

Help!!! Dial up window come out....

Post by Leo Ley » Sat, 06 Sep 1997 04:00:00

In win95 Settings/Control Panel/ Internet / Connection disable "Connect to
the internet as needed"

Leo Leys

Quote:> When I installed exchange clients 4.0 or above on Windows 95, dial up
> windows automatically appears twice. Also, everytime when I load the
> program, it comes out until the client connected to the exchange server
> LAN. No matter what I have done such as, select the "Do not dial..." and
> "Connet with the network" options of the exchange server properties of
> client, the problem still exist and makes my users annoying.

> Please help!!!


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I have just set my  Exchange 5.5 Server to Dial Up my ISP for SMTP Mail
Delivery and was wondering how the time-out facility function works.

Currently I have it set to 2 mins on the assumption that this is idle time,
therefore if there is a lot of mail to download then it will keep the line
up for as long as necessary.  Is this correct or will the time-out cut the
line regardless of activity on the line.

Any response would be most appreciated.

Ken Haynes

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