OWA and Windows XP

OWA and Windows XP

Post by Mark Alejandr » Sat, 21 Jun 2003 02:46:17

The problem im having is the following:
when users running windows xp try to connect to OWA, the
user is able to authenticate, and see what emails they  
have recieved, but when they try to access a particular
email, the email fails to open.  Can anyone please help. I
greatly appreciate it.

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One user upgraded his home PC to Windows XP a couple of
weeks ago and can no longer open an email in Outlook Web
Access.  He can log on to OWA and can see the list of
emails, but when he attempts to open one all he sees is an
empty window.  He had no problem with OWA before the
upgrade to XP. He is able to go to the local public
library, log on to OWA with a Windows 98 PC, and view
emails with no problems at all.

Other users with other versions of Windows report no
problems with OWA.

Not sure it's relevant, but this user is also unable,
since converting to XP, to open the calendar lookup window
on an airlines web site.

I've walked him through IE settings over the phone and can
see nothing strange.

I see that a few others have recently reported that OWA is
very slow with Windows XP clients.  This may possibly be
the case - just haven't waited around to see.

Any ideas?

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