Unable to logon to mail Server (SMTP)

Unable to logon to mail Server (SMTP)

Post by dmk » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 22:03:16

I have setup an Exchange server with SMTP Connector and an
SMTP Virtual Server, the ISA server contains a rule to
allow internet access and I used the Secure mail wizard
and that points to my exchange server's ip.  When I setup
my Outlook 2002 client, enter my mail settings, and when I
test the account, I receive an error when trying to send
the test message.  

SERVER (SMTP).  Can an Exchange Pro Please Help?  

I can telnet from the Exchange server to the ISA Server
using either the IP of the Internal or External Cards.

I cannot telnet from the ISA Server to the Exchange
Server, states that it could not open a connection to host


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I have Exchange 2000 Server SP1 up and running fine.  I can use OWA and send
and receive e mails without a problem.  When a local computer on the network
here in the building goes to logon to the sever, they can logon to the
domain without a problem and they are authenticated fine.  Then then go into
Outlook and there is quite a delay and it will then say unable to logon to
Exchange server (Retry, Switch to, or Cancel).  If you click retry, it will
work normally with some delay and they will get logged onto the server and
see all of their e mail, etc...  So the connection is there and it seems to
work, but not reliably.  Any ideas why this may be happening?  It is the
same way on multiple computers (so it is not a client computer issue).  Any
help would be greatly appreciated.  Note:  This is a new server installation
and it has not worked normally yet (as far as the problem I am mentioning).



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