restricting delivery to Contacts

restricting delivery to Contacts

Post by Marc O'Kren » Sun, 06 Jul 2003 05:54:25

Does anyone know how to set delivey restrictions to allow
email to be delivered only if it comes from an address in
the user's Contacts or the Gloabl Address list? The client
is Outlook 2000 and the service is Exch 5.5

-Marc O'Krent
 The Telephone Connection of Los Angeles, Inc.


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Hi there.
We want to be able to stop mail going to a certain domain
that has a very similar name to one of our own domains,
(its a matter of the country suffix) and I want to know if
this can be done..

Basically if we enter an address instead of I want it to go to or at
least not go to

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