Outlook display name in outlook today

Outlook display name in outlook today

Post by Becc » Fri, 22 Nov 2002 01:50:49

Looks like it is the Display Name...

Quote:> How can I change this? What is it tied to? The login name
> or mail box name?


1. Printing memo view in Outlook 2002 prints distinguished name, not display name

We are in the process of gradually moving personal information stores
from an Exchange 5.5 servers to Exchange 2000 servers. After the move,
and after changing Outlook profile information to 'point' to the new
servers, a few users who print their emails show a display of the old
distinguished name at the top of the printed email rather than the
display name.

I have deleted and recreated the Outlook profile, and deleted and
recreated the Windows 2000 profile for that user, and the problem
persists. If I log on (having given myself permission to use that
information store), the name appears as the correct display name. If
the user logs on to a different PC and is subsequently setup to use
Outlook with proper Exchange information, the name displays properly
there, too.

This has happened to a hand full of users in our domain. The end-user
PC has a lot of special apps, so re-creating it for her from an imaged
PC would be somewhat time consuming. I would rather not take that
approach with her or with the other users experiencing the problem.
Any sugguestions?


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