Public Folders accessed by URL link

Public Folders accessed by URL link

Post by Scot » Sat, 01 Dec 2001 03:29:43


Can anyone tell me if you can link a Public Folder to a




1. An Outlook URL that links from Web page to Public Folder

I have seen the code below several times, but it makes no mention of
connecting to a public store or public folder Item. Can this be done?

To link to this module:                         Use this code:

the Inbox                                               Outlook:inbox

the Contacts list                                     Outlook:contacts

the Calendar                                          Outlook:calendar

a mailbox folder
outlook:foldername\subfolder (for example, outlook:mytasks\inprogress)

a specific message in your mail folder      outlook:inbox/~subject of

a specific contact in your Contacts folder outlook:contacts/~name of contact

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