Mac client DNS problem

Mac client DNS problem

Post by Rich Gran » Wed, 11 Dec 1996 04:00:00

  I had the same problem on some Macs the didn't have entries in our DNS
server. I just put a entry in the hosts file in the system folder to
resolve the problem. If your using Open Transport check to make sure its
using the right host file. <My Wasn't>

Rich Grant
Dir. of Technology Planning
Colgate University

> I've got a Mac PowerBook that I want to use off-site, so I've
> successfully configured a PPP dialup to call my NT server.  I
> know I'm getting a good connection because I can telnet and ping
> various addresses.

> In the "Microsoft Exchange Server" properties dialogue, I can
> type the IP address of my server, hit "Check Name," and it
> replaces the IP with the name ("Server-1").  I know I'm
> connecting, then.  Trouble is, "Server-1" doesn't mean anything
> to my Mac.  I'm not running Domain Name Servers on my network,
> and evidently it can't resolve "Server-1" to an IP address.

> I've tried adding an entry to my hosts file.  I've tried leaving
> it as an IP address.  Nothing seems to work.  Anybody have any
> ideas?

> Thanks,
> --Fred Pullen


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