Macintosh client migration (MS Mail PAL->MS Exchange PAB)

Macintosh client migration (MS Mail PAL->MS Exchange PAB)

Post by Stefan Trac » Tue, 08 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I need to find out how to migrate macintosh clients on a MS Mail for PC
Network to Exchange 5.0 and retain their Personal Address List and Private



1. MS Mail Mac -> Exchange PAB migration

I'm trying to migrate users from our old email system (MS Mail for
AppleTalk Networks v.3.1d) to Exchange, but I'm having problems with the
PAL -> PAB conversion.  Specifically, SMTP addresses get corrupted when
the Microsoft Source Extractor (v4.0d22, 7-25-96 - from SP3 CD-ROM) is
run.  I've gone through the MS Knowledge Base and found 2 articles that
are relevant (Q152922 & Q152895), but both say that this problem was
resolved in the latest service pack.  Any ideas or suggestions would be
appreciated.  Please reply via email & I'll post a summary to these 2
newsgroups.  Thanks.

Gregg Kishida

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