Exchange SP4 and Dial-up

Exchange SP4 and Dial-up

Post by Zed » Mon, 13 May 2002 05:40:03


Just managed to install SP4 successfully but now the server refuses to
dial-up automatically so I have to manually dial-up. I have even reisntalled
DUN no effect. Our outbound queues are growing so i have to dial-up pretty

Please help any suggestions welcom.




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I'm having a problem with dialing into my nt server and connecting to
exchange with Win '95 clients.  I dial in just fine however I get an error
message "Exchange server is unavailable". Don't have a problem with NT 4.0
Workstations, but '95 stopped working.
Exchange runs on the same box that I dial into, however I did change the
boxes IP because I migrated to a new ISP over the weekend.  I also changed
the RAS services with new IP addresses, etc...  Did I miss a setting in
exchange that needed to change.
We run strictly IP networks here so I don't have an issue with NETBeui.
Thanks in advance

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