OL98 Automatic Name Check does not work

OL98 Automatic Name Check does not work

Post by Jim Dohert » Wed, 16 Aug 2000 04:00:00

OL98 clients connecting to Exchange 5.5 SP3 are set up to look in GAL,
Contacts Public Folder and then PAB for Addresses.

On some clients the Automatic Name Checking does not work at all. That is,
if you enter a partial name in the To: or cc: field and then either Tab to
next field do Ctrl-K the partial name is never filled in or verified.

The OL98 settings appear to be the same as a "good" OL98 client.

Any help appreciated.

Jim Doherty


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1. Automatic Name Checking not working


Tools | Options | E-mail Options | Advanced E-mail Options |

I have checked the Automatic name checking option, and it does not work.  I
also have made sure there is an address book upon which it can check the
name(s).   I looked in the registry to see if there is an option for this
setting and I could not find it.

Any suggestions?



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