Schedule+ and Shared schedule files

Schedule+ and Shared schedule files

Post by Dave V » Sun, 05 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I have been installing Exchange 7.0 and Schedule+ this past week on new
installs as well as overwritten installs with importing of old .mmf and
.scd files.
That has come off without a hitch, but the problem I am having is trying
to get the schedules of various clients on varied servers running NT
servers and Novell 3.x servers. PO's are on each client preferred
server, but all have a shared server mapped on all clients that is an
NT exchange server with mail accounts setup for this particular group.
I have administrative personel that want to look at any schedule file
of any client. We have gone through and done the typical adding the user
on to the list with rights. Some work, some don't. Any ideas on where to
start? All are running W95a.


1. Sharing Schedule file damaged

Does anyone know why there would be problems having a schedule file shared when
both workstations are Macs.  I know Mac/PC is not supported.  The manager has
granted access for his asssistant to see and modify his schedule.  About every 2
weeks she'll attempt to add an event and the result is "The new item could not be
inserted.  The schedule file has been damaged - see your administrator.

The temp fix is that she backs up daily, and will import/replace the data.  This
will work for as long as 3-4 weeks and then the problem returns.


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