Message Archiving

Message Archiving

Post by Antony Taur » Thu, 01 May 2003 16:42:27

All staff emails sent/received should go to the respective
department heads as well as company head

I have setup message archiving with Exchange 2000 as below

1. Archive all Messaes sent or received by mailboxes on
the store (checked)
2.created a public folder and assigned it to MailBox for
stores of emails.
3. Created a group to include list of users who should
access to see the emils on this folder.

With the above settings there are no email messages stored
in the new public folder.
Please help
Thanks in advance


1. Bad Messages, Message archive


We have just implemented Microsoft Exchange as our new email server for our
school having previously used MDaemon v 2.8, we have 120 staff email
accounts and 1600 pupil accounts.

To cover our backs we need to be able to archive a copy of every email
recieved / sent to our domain, we could do this quite easily in MDaemon but
I can't see a way in Exchange yet, perhaps someone here could suggest a
solution? (need a copy operation)

We regularly receive emails with slightly munged email addresses and with
MDaemon they would drop into the bad messages queue from where I could view
and move the messages into the appropriate directory, can I do this in



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