Remote Mail not working for 'Net mail

Remote Mail not working for 'Net mail

Post by Jimmy Goodi » Mon, 10 Feb 1997 04:00:00

My Remote Mail on my Exchange Client at home isn't working for my
Internet Mail.  It sends messages, but doesn't download.  Also, under
Tools > Options I get the message there are no Options for Remote
I'm using the Exchange Client which you use w/ Exch Server (SP2) (I
also use it to get my messages from our Exch Serv at work using RAS).
Could that be the problem?
The option for Work Offline and Use Remote Mail is checked under my
Internet Mail properties.


1. Can't send e-mail to free mail servers (,

Hello, All

I've installed MS Exchange 5.5 SP2 on a backup domain controller. MS
server is also installed on it.
It works fine except one problem:
messages cannot be delivered to some of free e-mail servers (e.g., with a message 'Host unreachable'. However I
send e-mail to
I can ping these servers by name.

Any suggestions?



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