No permission opening piblic folders

No permission opening piblic folders

Post by Didier Latkowsk » Wed, 01 Aug 2001 00:50:24

When an Outlook 2000 client tries to open a public folder, he gets an error
saying he has no permissions to open those folders. He also gets this
message when he tries to open his mailbox. The user is although recognized
by the Exchange Server (version 5.5 with SP4). He also exists as a Windows
NT user on that machine. What could I have forgotten to configure ?.

Didier Latkowski


1. rehome exch5.5 piblic and system folders

Hello all,

Is there an easy way to rehome public and system folders
from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000? Currently, we have 4
separate sites, all of which have an Exchange 5.5 OS. We
are replacing those servers with Exchange 2000. Everything
is set up in the Windows 2000 domain as far as native
mode, adc, etc..

Once the new Exchange server is joined to the site and I
have set up replicas to the new Exchange servers, could I
just rehome each public and system folder within the
Exchange Admin 5.5 program just as you would rehome a
regular mailbox?

My goal is to have all the public and system folders
rehomed on the Exchange 2000 server. Any help that anyone
has would be greatly appreciated.


Greg Grunewald

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