Deleting items from the Deleted items folder....(hangs)

Deleting items from the Deleted items folder....(hangs)

Post by Anthon » Tue, 22 Jul 1997 04:00:00

If you have receipts in the folder and you are running Outlook, it may take
a long time to delete them, because Outlook may read them to post the
receipts to the original messages (I've forgotten the exact circumstances
under which this occurs).  Also, if you are connected via dial-up and you
disconnect without waiting for the client to finish, it may hang.

> I've just upgraded from Exchange Server 4.0 Enterprise edition to 5.0
> standard edition..... Everything worked fine, - all clients (exchange and
> Outlook) works, - but *every' time someone chooses to empty their deleted
> items folder (normally upon exit) the box with the "Deleting items from
> Deleted items folder" comes up and it hangs.... After a while the client
> 'not responding' and we have to stop the process....

> This happens every time, on our old 4.0 Exchange Clients, Outlook from
> Office 97 Beta, and on Outlook 97 clients (from the Exchange server 5.0
> package)

> Any hints.... and please use my E-mail account :

> Thanx. Kim Igel.


Deleting items from the Deleted items folder....(hangs)

Post by Jürgen Dühn » Thu, 24 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I have the same problem (posted here on 07.07.97),
since I upgraded to Exchange Server 5.0 I can delete folders within the
Exchange Client. The client just starts to move the folder to the 'deleted
objects'-folder and then freezes, so I have to use the Task-manager to kill
the Programm.
The same thing happens when I try to delete more then one item out of a
folder or when I exit the client and there are more then one item in the
'deleted object'-folder.

It's the same problem with the Exchange 4.0, 5.0 and Outlook 8.01-clients.

until now i use this workaround:
I connect to the Outlook-Web-Access-pages of our Server and then delete the
folder without any problem. After that I start the Exchange-client and the
deleted folders are located in the 'deleted objects'-folder and will be
deleted automatically
when I close the Exchange-client (this is not functioning with Outlook).

Here's my configuration (all german versions):
- NT-Server 4.0 SP3
- Exchange-Server 5.0 SP1
- TCP/IP, IPX/SPX and NetBEUI on the Server
- NT-Workstations
- Exchange-Client 4.0 (except one Workstation with Outlook 8.01 US-version)

Juergen Duehne


1. Deleted messages, deleted item retention time, and recovering deleted items

I'm working with Exchange 5.5 and I need to track messages within Public
Folders that have been deleted/marked for deletion by a user, but have not
been purged by the Exchange server because the Exchange Admin has configured
the Public Folder(s) with a non-zero "Deleted item retention time".  I am
working with information associated with MAPI messages that is
kept/maintained outside of Exchange and I would like to maintain that
information when the message is "deleted" but still recoverable from a
general users standpoint using "Recover Deleted Items...".  That way when
the message is recovered,  the external information is still available.
Only when the message has really been deleted/purged will the external info
be purged as well.  With an Outlook extension, I have control over the
initial "delete" process, but I haven't seen any documentation that defines
any special MAPI properties a message has when it has been deleted (and not
purged) nor have I found any information on how Outlook is able to
find/display deleted messages within the "Recover Delete Items..." Tool

Using a sample program, I can open a public folder, call QueryRows to get a
message (save off the message's ENTRYID) , call GetMessageStatus to obtain
its status and then call DeleteMessages to delete the message.  With the
"Deleted item retention time" set on the test folder, I can repeatably call
GetMessageStatus on that message passing in the saved message ENTRYID and
successfully access the message.  If I then go to an Outlook client, select
"Recover Deleted Items ..." under the Tools menu I can see the deleted test
message.  If I then "Purge" the deleted message, calls to GetMessageStatus
with the saved ENTRYID now fail.  This is fine as far as detecting when a
"deleted" message is purged, but it doesn't tell me if the message has been

Ultimately, I would like to know a message has been marked for deletion by
the presence of one or more properties within the message.  There is a
property PR_MSG_STATUS that looks like it fits the bill, but its use is
defined by a client and is not maintained by the Exchange server itself.
Calling GetMessageStatus against a deleted message does not show that the
message is marked for deletion.  I can call SetMessageStatus to set status
bits and I can successfully retrieve them with GetMessageStatus, but after
all is said and done, Exchange just passes this info along unchanged.

Another possibilty is to somehow see/detect deleted items the same way as
the Outlook "Recover Deleted Items..." Tool does.  Given a public folder, it
is somehow able to show deleted items that are in the folder.

Hopefully, the presence of a property which tells me a message has been
deleted will also tell me by its absence that the message has been restored.
Similarly, if I can see/detect deleted messages within some special MAPI
deleted items cache/table then I can tell a message has been restored by the
fact that it isn't in the cache/table.

Thanks in advance,
Keith Ingalls

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