Outlook 2000 slow in finding Exchange Server

Outlook 2000 slow in finding Exchange Server

Post by Larry Penro » Wed, 24 Jan 2001 04:18:31

When connecting to our Exchange server from the internet, my Outlook client takes
a long time to connect.

I am running Exchange 2000 + Outlook 2000.  On the LAN, it works fine.  However,
across the internet, it appears to be slow resolving the server name.

The workstation is running WINS which appears to running fine.  When I ping the
server using the server NetBIOS name, it takes 20-30 seconds to resolve the name
before it starts pinging.

I tried changing the RPC binding order and that had no effect.

Once I get into Outlook it works fine, it is just when it starts up and shuts
down that it is excessivly slow.


1. Outlook slow to find Exchange server

Hi All

We are running a Windows '95 Network of around 50 PC's and we also have a
Microsoft NT4 server running Exchange server 5.5.  When some of the clients
connect to the exchange server using Outlook '97 the start within 10
seconds, however some other machines of the same spec can take anywhere upto
10 min's before the server can be found.  The only difference between these
to PC's are that the slow one's have a dial-up adapter installed.  All PC's
are running TCP/IP and NetBeui, we have created a LMHosts and Hosts file on
each of the slow PC's and tried removing Netbeui but it has not made any

If anyone has seen this problem before or if anyone can shed any light on
this problem we would be most grateful.

Best Regards

R Franklin

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