Exchange 5.0 client hangs on shutdown

Exchange 5.0 client hangs on shutdown

Post by Chris Wals » Wed, 25 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I am running Exchange server 5.5 and Exchange client 5.0,  haven't moved to
Outlook yet.  Sometimes when the users try to shut down Win95 with the 5.0
client running they hang.  Likewise, any other applications that are trying
shutdown will crash.  The whole system locks up and the user must manually
shut down the system.  This seems to happening more frequently on the 95b
boxes.  Any suggestions?


1. NT Server Hangs on Shutdown after Exchange Server 5.0 Install

I have a client who installed Exchange Server 5.0 and Outlook on a new
NT Server 4.0 SP3 today, and he now cannot get the NT Server to complete
its shutdown/reboot cycle. The server hangs on 'writing unsaved data to
the disk ...', and waiting up to 3 hours did not clear it. The problem
is repeatable.

If we stop the Exchange Server service prior to shutdown, NT will shut
down in about 2-3 minutes (it previously took 20-30 seconds).
Uninstalling both Exchange and Outlook (but not just one) clears the
problem, but it returns if either and both programs are reinstalled.

The NT Server is a P6-200/64 MB/4.5 GB SCSI with NT4 and SP3 installed
plus all relevent hotfixes, and nothing else - Exchange Server and
Outlook are the first two apps installed after NT Server and SP3. We
plan to load Exchange SP1 on the system Monday.

I've never seen anything like this before. Any clues anyone?
Kevin Hecht

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