HELP! OWA and Integrated Authentication

HELP! OWA and Integrated Authentication

Post by Kal Tir » Sun, 25 Feb 2001 02:01:53

I cannot get OWA to work with Integrated Authentication, even on the local
LAN.  It works with Basic authentication just fine.  I am useing Win2K Pro
with IE5, connecting to an E2K server.  All I get when I try Integrated is
"You are not authorized to view this page.  You do not have permission to
view this directory or page using the credentials you supplied."

Any thoughts?

Jeff Bevans


1. Outlook/Exchange 2000 Secure Password Authentication and Integrated Windows Authentication

I have been pulling my hair out for three days now trying
to connect remote users to my Exchange 2000 server using
POP3 and SMTP. I have confirmed communication using telnet
so I know they are getting through my Firewall but
authentication always fails. I also have tested this
configuration usng clear text passwords on a test account
and have successfully connected. My question is: What is
the communication problem between Outlook clients using
Secure Password Authentication and Exchange 2000 servers
using Integrated Windows Authentication? I have also used

domain\user\emailid, domain\user,

I have also tried running the Office SP1 on Outlook with
no change in authentication behaviour. My Exchange server
is running SP1.

Dwayne Burns

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