prompt for password

prompt for password

Post by Condalis » Wed, 30 Oct 2002 16:51:45

I decided to change from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 so
I've got new server (Win 2000 Advanced server SP3 and
Exchange 2000 SP3) and I've retreived the old mail boxes
using the Migration Wizard(i was backed up all the old
mailboxes)NOW when any user tries to open his mail via
outlook he prompts to enter password even there was no
paswword in the old mailboxes and this is not PST, this
is mailboxes saved on Exchange 2000.
any way the users cannot open their email yet even they
tried the use the logon password but there was no luck.
*. all clients use Win 2000 pro
*. the old mail boxes was created on SBS 4.5

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  I am experiencing a problem with OWA (Exchange 5.5) and
IIS5 w/ SSL on Windows 2000.  
  When a user's password expires, the user is not directed
to the page where s/he can change the password.  Instead,
a browser's dialog box asks you to authenticate 2 more
times before an error appears: 401 Unauthorized: Logon
  I find this unusual since my older OWA server (Exchange
5.5 on IIS4 and NT4 SP6a) did prompt users for a change of

I'd appreciate any help you could give me!
Thanks in advance,

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