Outlook Crash & Burn...

Outlook Crash & Burn...

Post by John M. Kesle » Fri, 06 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Help: Outlook generates a page fault in OUTLRPC.DLL at start-up.

I've tried two different Office 97 CD's (120 Day Eval, Beta Eval Release)
and both will not install a copy if Outlook that will run.  Other Office 97
apps seem to run fine.

Am I the only one with a preview of Outlook who can't look at it???  Trying
to load on a Toshiba notebook (P75, 40MB, Win95).  Setup completes
normally.  Exchange 4.0 client is already installed.  Is there some kind of
magic trick?

john k


1. 42949655485 crash and burn


My experience for fellow admins:

Did a maintenance re-boot on 4-8-98.  Couldn't restart info store.
Listed service specific error 4294965485.  Heart rate goes to about
130 bbp ;-)  MTA and SA start fine.

Article ID: Q163139 acknowledges error.  Seems to be security related.
Article says to change security back to 'everyone'/Full on exchsvr and
all subs.  It already is, and performing the action several times does
nothing.  Ownership was not touched.  chkdsk proceeds normally, and
does not find any errors.

Go to backup.  No go.  Backup Exec just hangs or cannot access
\\localhost\Directory or IS.  oh shit

Five days before this, I was denied access to control panel due to
insufficient security.  I was logged in as admin.  Logout, login, back
to normal.  Did a chkdsk, but all was well.  No problems with security

Now this seems to add up to security descriptors being hozed

I opted to rebuild the server.  All went well.  Restore went very
well.  Fully recovered server in about 3 hours, once I made the
decision to kill it.  Lost about 4 hours worth of e-mail.

I wrote up the report, but cannot think of a direct cause.  Any ideas
would be greatly appreciated.  

This server is on a small IP based LAN, is multi-homed with one public
NIC, and one private.  Server is 6 months old, Dell PowerEdge, plenty
of horsepower.  NT 4.0 (sp-3), Exchange 5.0 (sp-1).   RAID 0 was used
with two identical WD ultra SCSI 3s, separate ADAPTEC controllers.  I
broke the mirror and did not use mirroring after the rebuild.  It's
overkill for an e-mail server on a small LAN, IMHO.


Steve Basile

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