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> Well, I am not sure this problem is related to this group or not.
> The problem is that all emails received at remote end (clients) couldn't be wrapped (they are using Lotus mail).  In Eudora, we can force to wrap the text by enabling "Word Wrap" option.  However, we can't solve the problems with with Microsoft's Outlook.  The mail servers are sendmail (V.8.7) and POP3.

> Any suggestions would be appreciated.

> Jieming Wang


1. Remote Win 95 client can't connect to TS

We have a remote office with win95 clients that links to our head
office via a 64k kilostream link.
Terminal Server has been installed at head office, alongside a PDC nt
4.0 server (the PDC is configured for RAS).
Head office uses DHCP for IP addresses, remote office has static
When the Terminal Server clients were set up at the remote office, they
could not see
the terminal server at head office (still can't).
The same win 95 machines, however, can see the head office PDC
in 'Network Neighbourhood'.
Also, a win95 ts client at the head office end can see and connect to
the Terminal Server without a problem.

What is missing? I would appreciate the help.


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