Can not add attachment to posting in public folders

Can not add attachment to posting in public folders

Post by Jame » Wed, 09 Jul 2003 23:07:04

We run Exchange 5.5 SP4, most users are Office XP. When a
user creates a new post to a public folder and adds an
attachment everything seems to work fine. But when anyone
including the creator trys open the message they get the
error: "cannot open one or more of the attachments" The
message opens but no attachments are not there. We can
open the orig*documents by going to their location on
the network but can not see them through the public

1. Folder does not report new postings to public folders

Users used to be able to tell if a new item was posted to
a public folder; beside the folder on their Oultook
Shorcut bar, a number would appear, telling them how many
new unread messages were in that public folder.  This does
not seem to be updating.  I have checked the folders on
the E2k server and the "Maintain per user read/unread
information for this folder" option is selected.  Can't
find anything in the knowledge base, wondering if anyone
else has run into this problem????

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