no addresses in "all address list"

no addresses in "all address list"

Post by Robin van der Schaf » Fri, 11 Oct 2002 22:24:23

Please help,

We are running E2K SP3 and OL2000, Last week we suffered a breakdown on the
E2K server. Everything is back in working order, exept for all addresses and
groups that populate the all address list.
On the E2K server everything seems to work just fine. I can generate address
list in the recipients container, build new address list (can be seen in
Outlook) but they stay empty as well.
Has anybody had a similar problem?

Help would be much appreciated



1. objAMSession.AddressLists("Global Address List").AddressEntries returns nothing

Done this way, as outlined in kb/articles/q179/0/82.asp

    Set objAddrEntries = objAMSession.AddressLists ("Global Address
    Response.Write(objAddressEntry.Name & "<br>")
    Response.Write("E-address: " & objAddressEntry.Address & "<br>")

I get no errors or results. Yet I can the current logged in user with

    <%= objAMSession.CurrentUser.Name %>


<h2>AddressList1:</h2> <b><%= objAMSession.AddressLists.Item(1) %></b><br>

shows Global Address List


AddressList1-1: <b><%=
objAMSession.AddressLists.Item(1).AddressEntries.Item(1). %></b><br>

shows the first item in the Global Address List

When I try to  get to the the objAddressEntry.Fields nothing shows up.

I suspect the code

    Set objAddrEntries = objAMSession.AddressLists ("Global Address

and am wondering why it doesn't work.

Any ideas?

Ward Hammond

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