Event ID 1000 Is Logged in the Application Event Log

Event ID 1000 Is Logged in the Application Event Log

Post by Jagadees » Fri, 23 May 2003 07:25:55

Hello all,

I have this problem in one of my client PCs recurring for
quite some time.  I tried the procedure suggested in
Microsoft Knowledgebase ( URL :  
us;261007 ).

But the error still persists. Any ideas??

My PC : HP Pavilion XG-814

CPU :  Celeron 766
RAM :  128 MB PC100
HDD :  Quantum FIreball - 20 GB

OS : Windows 2000 - Clean installation (Originally came
with ME, but I formatted the hard drive and installed a
clean Full Version of 2000)

Network Card : Compusa - Uses Realtek 8193 chip

Server : Windows 2000 Small Business Server  --  On which
some more WIn98, win2000 & win xp pros are running

Apparently this has slowed down the system to a near crawl.

Thank you..


1. Event ID: 1000 then Event ID: 9073

I've yet to try the binding order as this article recommends but accourding to it
I will recieve the the error Event ID: 9073


Can anyone shed any light on this if they know anything. Thanks

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