OWA times-outs with XLS and DOC Attachments

OWA times-outs with XLS and DOC Attachments

Post by Keeley Perc » Tue, 10 Jul 2001 23:14:38

We are having a strange problem:

We have 100 offices using OWA (Outlook web access) to read
and send email. 99 of them work fine.

One office has a problem with accessing MS Word and MS
Excel attachments in email. We have done many tests and
can find no network problem to explain this. Users at this
office have no problem with any other type of attachment.
When a user at this office gets an excel attachment and
they try to access it, it access times out after 7 mins.
We are doing Network Monitor traces, they show the
workstation making requests that are not being serviced by
the server for the attachment access. All other access
like pings are working fine during and after the
attachment transfer timeout.



1. Attachment Extensions changed to DAT from DOC or XLS

When a internet mail message is received from outside our organization and
it has a file attachment of either DOC or XLS being either a Word Document
or Excel Spreadsheet, the extension is being changed to DAT.  Is there a
setting in exchange that controls this or is the Internet Mail Connector
not configured correctly.  

PS.  It is not the POP3 Clients that are causing the problems, other
receiptiants outside the Exchange Server environment are working correctly
and receive the attachments with the correct extensions.  

Any info would be appreciated.  Please send reply to

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