Requesting data from MS E2K

Requesting data from MS E2K

Post by bryan wiggin » Thu, 31 Jan 2002 01:58:16


Maybe this should be on the outlook newsgroup, but I would
appreciate any info on this.

I have E2K SP2 EE on W2K AS SP2 (clustered) and
intermittently, the Outlook 2002 (no SP) hangs
whilst "requesting data from MS E2K"..

I have read a Q on public folders residing on a server
other than the one where the users MBX is sitting and thus
pertaining to this situation, and that a fix is on the SP1
for Outlook 2K2.
All my public folders are on the same server as the MBX's
(for now, during migration) and I am wondering if this has
something to do with being clustered?.

Any feedback appreciated,