error in rule execution

error in rule execution

Post by Beck » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 04:10:50

We have several email accounts that are used for our
customers to write to and get an auto-reply 'thank you'.
The server-side rule says to send the reply, copy the
message to a public folder and then delete the message.
This works fine for months, and then fails, leaving that
mailbox full of mail until someone manually goes in there
and clears it out. When I open up the account, I get
this "error in rule execution" screen with no further
info. After opening up the rules wizard and modifying the
rule without changing anything, it works fine. Sometimes
for hours, sometimes for months. The first "stuck" message
is often (but not always) a RE:.
Any suggestions or help would be appreciated, keeing track
of all these accounts is a pain!

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I want to foward most/all e-mails to another account. I am using Outlook
XP/2002 with Service Pack 2 connected to an exchange server 2000

I have created rules that either forward all mail or where my name appears
in the To or Cc.

The rule works for a while. Sometimes a day and other times only for an hour
or so.

I get the message "Error in rule execution". There is no other details as to
what the error is. I can delete and re-create the rule, and after a variable
period of thime the error re-occurs.

Is there a log with the reason for the error.

Thanks for any assistance - Lex

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