Outlook 97 Clients Freeze

Outlook 97 Clients Freeze

Post by brad » Thu, 23 Jan 2003 02:47:01

I recently migrated from 5.5 to 2k.

Everything has been smooth, except now I'm getting a lot of lock ups on my
older outlook clients. Is there a know problem with outlook 97sr1 and
exchange 2k? Seems every time someone goes to send an email, they experience
a 10 to 30 second 'freeze'.

Also having various other little freezes now and then, but never on a new

I'm about to load outlook 2002 on all my terminal servers to see if it will
fix the problem....


1. Outlook 97 freezes with new mail notification


We have an assortment of Win 95 and 98 machines attached to an NT4 SP3
machine running Exchange 5.0.

Most of our users are using Outlook 97 for both Internet mail via our
proxy running MS Proxy 1.0, and inter-office mail via Exchange.  All
users are using .ost files and everything is stored on the server.
The server appears to be functioning fine, and there is nothing in the
event log to indicate a problem.

We have one 95B machine that has a strange problem.  Outlook seems to
lock up when new mail comes in to her inbox.  It's usually in
connection with the mail notification box or cursor changing to an

And sometimes she says she receives no notification, but does see a
envelope in the tray.  When this happens, Outlook is minimized and
cannot be maximized.  The only option is to end the task and restart
Outlook.  When this happens, the mail is there just fine.

I have turned off all notifications, to see if this has anything to do
with it.  I have also set her Outlook to check Internet mail less
often.  But even with these steps, Outlook will go belly up at times.

We can install Outlook 98 and just hope the problem will go away.
But, even if it does, I would like to know what might be causing this
problem on this one workstation.  Could it have to do with cabling

Gary Harris

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