Outlook 97 + Exchange Server 4.0 = No IMC mail

Outlook 97 + Exchange Server 4.0 = No IMC mail

Post by Curt Kessle » Sun, 08 Dec 1996 04:00:00

This was a problem pre-SP3, the release notes for Exchange SP3 say this
problem is fixed (which we found to be the case). You might try re-applying
the SP. Also, make sure all your exchange servers have the patch installed.


1. Exchange 4.0, IMC, Dynamic RAS, Outlook 97

I came to this newsgroup four months ago and found links to
information on setting up my Exchange Server 4.0 to dial my ISP,
collect internet mail, and then distribute that mail to my employees
Exchange mail boxes.

Except for that they are now using Outlook 97, I still need the same

Only problem is all my printouts have been lost and I cannot find
those same messages on my news server.  I also cannot see a single FAQ
in this group's listings.

Please help by posting the FAQ URL, or the FAQ, or the links to the
information I need to complete my setup.

Otherwise, read on ..


NT 4.0 Server, SP3
Exchange Enterprise Server 4.0
Static IP pool w/DHCP
Dynamic RAS
10 Outlook 97 clients

I want my EES4.0 to dial the ISP on a schedule to collect/disperse
internet email.

Is there a document to describe the process?

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