Global Domain Mailbox on Exchange, Proxy&POP3 x Firewall ?

Global Domain Mailbox on Exchange, Proxy&POP3 x Firewall ?

Post by Adam Tata » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 01:53:45

Please help me with configuring Exchange 2000 - i have the following

we have SBS+Exchange2k+ISAServer(Proxy).

allow on server to read (download) the mailboxes at client PCs? Best using
Outlook Express via POP3. And i also need to send via SMTP of the Small
Bussiness Server. How? I always get a failure (for example "server could not be found") There must be a problem in firewall of
proxy, don't you think? How to fix it?

Secondly, i would like to assign more than one mailbox to a single user
(using Exchange 2000, global domain mailbox). User "John" will use

operate an other user. Please tell me, how to handle global domain mailbox
at all.


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We use MS Proxy server 2 to connect to the Internet.  We have incoming

Can I add a hardware firewall (such as 3com OfficeConnect Internet
Firewall) in between the Proxy Server and the Internet?

If so, how do I configure it? i.e. LAN is 10.x.x.x; Proxy server is (true internet address).  (router is

Do I give the Firewall a private address of and public
address of ?

How do I configure my email server?  Currently points
to my proxy server, and Exchange internally is bound to SMTP on the
proxy.  Does this stay the same?

Any advice & thoughts welcome!



PS - had external security audit try and hack MSP2 configured in this
way, and they could not get in - its a start!  (packet filtering on,
and configured tighter than - erm - my wallet).

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