win98 profgen problems

win98 profgen problems

Post by Dawn Bouto » Tue, 25 Apr 2000 04:00:00

I have about 50 Win95 pc's logging in with a Novell Client but running a
login script from the exchange server where they are also logging in.  The
login script basically runs profgen, newprof so that multiple users can use
one pc for their Outlook.  This works fine  for Win 95 users.  But if we
upgrade them to Winh98 or install a new Win98 machine the login script
crashes.  Basically it just gives an illegal operation error.  Strange thing
is, if you run the login script manually after the system boots and logs in,
it works just fine.  I have downloaded the newest profgen and newprof.  Any
ideas why these won't work while the system logs in?

Thanks for any help.


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