Sync Lies

Sync Lies

Post by Don Gilma » Fri, 06 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Win'95 client with SP2 installed from server over 28.8 (I watched a movie).

Anyway, it won't sync.  It says it is ul/dl messages, but nothing appears
in the inbox.  I get to the office (same user name, different m/c) and
there are the messages.

I've looked around and there doesn't appear to be squat for Client mailbox


Don Gilman


1. Exchange 5.5 Administrator LIES

I added a column to show deleted messages.  I have users that show that they
have 15-20 MB of deleted mail in their folder.  All my users have personal
folders.  I checked some of the these users and they have absolutely 0 KB of
deleted mail.  Why is MSX reporting such a high number, when infact, there
is no deleted mail on the server????

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