POP 3 Connection to Exchange Server 5.5 on Windows 2000 Server Logon Fails

POP 3 Connection to Exchange Server 5.5 on Windows 2000 Server Logon Fails

Post by David » Tue, 07 Nov 2000 04:00:00

I have recently upgraded my network to windows 2000. My exchange server 5.5
worked perfect before the upgrade. Connecting and receiving mail on the
intranet works fine but trying to connect to the exchange server remotely
the server prompts me for a logon when I logon it prompts me again and again
and then fails with unknown user. I have even tried this test on the
intranet using pop 3 on a machine on the lan and logon fails. The only way I
can connect is seting it up as an exchange client.

I have set up the mail client using Outlook 2000 client as a Pop 3
connection internet mail.
I have also tried outlook express


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I just installed a new windows 2000 server into our existing exchange
5.5 site and moved all the mailbox and connectors over. The Old
exchange is still running until all the mapi clients get redirected to
the new server. The old exchange 5.5 server is running on Windows NT
4.0 sp6 and the new one on Windows 2000 sp3 member server .. We are
using a NT 4.0 domain. My problem is that my clients get an error that
pops up on their screen that reads, "Can't open this item. The
operation could not be completed because of an error on the network.
Try to log on the network again, and then repeat the operation"  once
they hit ok and retry it, it opens the email or if they are sending an
email sometimes they receive "Operation could not be performed". This
does not happen all the time.. And only Windows 98 clients are having
the issues. Windows 2000 clients are ok.. I have updated the drivers
on the Ethernet card of the server, changed switch ports,etc,, it is
really driving me crazy because on NT they did not receive this error.

Please help...


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