POP Account Setup

POP Account Setup

Post by Scott M » Fri, 23 May 2003 03:29:25

Here's my scenario:

Exchange 2003 Beta 2
Windows Server 2003 Beta 2
Outlook XP

I have an Outlook profile set up that connects to my Exchange mailbox and I
am able to send & recieve mail via my Exchange mailbox just fine.

Now, I also have 3 POP email accounts from an outside mail provider being
forwarded to my single Exchange mailbox address and that mail is also coming
in just fine.

I need to be able to reply to any of those outside mail messages and have a
different "From" address than my Exchange mailbox address.  So here's what
I've tried (with some success):

I've set up 3 POP mail accounts in the same Outlook profile that has the
Exchange mailbox.  I'm having those POP accounts get thier mail from my
Exchange POP server, but each has a different email addres set up for it.
The idea is that although the 4 accounts actually check the same address for
inbound mail, they use different addresses for outbound mail.  And, up to
this point my scenario works just fine.

My problem is that when I do a send/receive in Outlook, the POP accounts
send their mail as they should but then I get a mail send/receive error
saying that "The operation timed out while waiting for a response from the
POP server."  What makes this confusing is that I can go into the email
configuration area and send a test message to each of the POP accounts
successfully - including the step for logging into the POP mail server.
Also, the settings I'm using for the POP server are the name of my local
Exchange server (same box as Outlook) with my user name and password.

Any thoughts?  Am I going about this the right way?


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hi there,

Actually we have a exchange server that handle the all internal email
and we have on each workstation outlook 2000 that double check
on the exchnage and on a outside email account.
Is there anyway to setup the exchange to check outside each of the
account by giving it appropriate username/password and postoffice

Any idea?


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