Notification of New Mail

Notification of New Mail

Post by Rob Hora » Fri, 13 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Is it right that you only get a Popup Notification box if you receive a
message whilst exchange is running. Surely you should also get one if
exchange starts and detect new mail in your in-box. A lot of our users a
missing messages because exhange starts up without any notification
messages. Can this be fixed? Is it a bug? or an oversight by Microsoft?
cc:Mail used to do it for us.

Rob Horan


1. Notification of new mail

Is there a way to send a "broadcast message" to a user from the server when
new mail arrives in their personal inbox?

I'm quite sure it can be done in Novell and am wondering if it can be done
in NT using Exchange.

/.. Jody

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