Win 95 Client Disconnects

Win 95 Client Disconnects

Post by Stephen Star » Sat, 07 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Is anybody else having this problem or does anyone have a solution:

Our Win 95 Exchange clients (SP3) after a few hours are no longer able to
browse the network or connect to network resources.  Only a reboot seems to
clear the problem.  I should mention that we are running strictly TCP/IP

Can anyone make any suggestions?

Stephen Stark


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Outlook opens slow on Windows 95 clients only when connecting to Exchange
5.5.  I tried adding the server to the DNS suffix with no success.  People
have told me to try putting the server in LmHosts, but Microsoft makes
LmHosts to look harder than I think it really is.  Am I correct in saying
all I need is ?     server"?  Is their any need for exactly 16
spaces, etc?  Is this my problem, or am I just spinning my wheels with
LmHosts?  Thanks, Gary Coslop

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