32 bit Outlook with 16 bit Office?

32 bit Outlook with 16 bit Office?

Post by Larr » Tue, 05 May 1998 04:00:00

During our installation of Exchange Clients, some of the Windows 95 machines
failed to restart. During the boot process I get a "Windows protection
error" message.  My Boss thinks it's because were installing the 32 bit
Outlook 97 Client on machines running the 16 bit Microsoft Office. I
disagree but I cant give a good explanation for the lock up. I also need to
get these locked machines up and running. Any thoughts o Windows protection


1. 16/32 bit Outlook Clients Incompatible?

I have been waiting for the 5.5 upgrade, featuring _ta-da_ 16-bit
Outlook, because I have a mixture of 16- and 32-bit clients and some
users with portable, home, and desk machines that do not have the same
bitness.  This week I bought the upgrade.  So far, it appears to me that
the "16-bit client" is a fraud.  The reason is that the two clients do
not seem to be able to share common offline data.  The 16- bit client
seems to be merely a "nameplate upgrade" to the old Exchange client and
MS Schedule, continuing to use separate files (*.pab and *.pst) while
the 32-bit client uses a single (*.ost) file.

Am I missing something here or have I just been screwed out of $300 by
MS?  I am getting so damned tired of the "accidental" file
incompatibilities which can always be eliminated by going though the
expense and grief of buying endless MS "upgrades."  VB4/VB5, Access
16/Access 32, Word 95/Word 97, ...  

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