OWA - Content Advisor

OWA - Content Advisor

Post by Geoff Kin » Tue, 05 Nov 2002 14:46:21


I want to have OWA as the only site users can access using

Using Q267930 (How to Configure Internet Explorer 5.x to
Block Access to All But Approved Internet Sites)


I have set IE6 to only allow access to the OWA server.  
This works well except for the javascripts.  Each time a
javascript is called, the content advisor displays a
dialog box blocking access.  The script still executes but
cannot implement until I rid this problem.  

A work around was to add each script to the Approved Sites
in the Content Advisor - eg: javascript:parent.checknewmail
().  However, each new incomming message you click on has
a unique ID and you have no possiblilty creating an entry
to cover these.

H E L P ! !


Geoff King